Hi and welcome to the support site for the Oceanic Activity Nights

What is OCAN?

OCAN is a series of regular weekday evening events designed to promote activity on the VHF-SHF bands. They are run in the form of a relaxed mini contest that promotes band activity on our under-used VHF bands, that gives an impetus to try something new, and gives reassurance that if you build something you will have someone to try it out with on a regular basis, versus listening to white noise for weeks!

OCAN is open to everyone in the OC region and we openly promote activity from some of the rarer OC entities found on VHF.

You don’t need to submit logs if you don’t want to. Simply enjoy the activity, but the primary aim of OCAN is to create an atmosphere where people can enjoy a bit of light contesting in an activity style environment. You can see the results of improving your station, may be try a new band or mode, or perhaps even get the local club involved, all in the knowledge that on a particular night there will be some activity from across Oceania on the bands to enjoy.

For those who like to enjoy a bit of light hearted contesting we have created some sections to participate in and have some fun. We have made it easy to submit logs and at the end of the year we will hand out some certificates and a trophy to the winners.

Activity nights start in June so get cracking and we will see you on air for the first events in the next months

73 Team OCANĀ